Lost Ark doesn't have a few dedicated healers


In common with the other Lost Ark Lost Ark Gold classes, the two options for building a Paladin are based on the two engravings that are unique to the Paladin. Judgment boosts the damage of your Punish skill, piety meter gain, and the duration of the Sacred Executioner identity ability by 100%, while Blessed Aura alters the effects that Holy Aura's Holy Aura identity skill so that it minimizes damage and heals over time.
The argument for Judgment is that, though the Paladin is decently tanky and tough, he'll encounter some parts of Lost Ark you're expected to complete on your own, and that tower is one of them. But Judgment shouldn't hinder you from becoming the support player, since by making your piety meter go up faster , it could help you blast off Holy Aura more often when you're partied up.
Unlike similar MMOs, Lost Ark doesn't have a few dedicated healers whose job is simply to sit at the back to keep others in the game. The healers that it does have to be played in that way. If you go to someone in a group that has the Paladin who doesn't have Blessed Aura the entire group is likely to be wondering what you're up to. If you're interested in playing a DPS character that wields an axe, the Berserker is in the right place.
The Blessed Aura is the ideal choice for best place to buy Lost Ark Gold a Paladin's build even if it's going to seem boring. Paladins are one of the most popular classes of Lost Ark, but they're often the class that the majority of players are able to bounce off. If you're not playing them the way that you're supposed to then you'll be having a bad time.
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