What's an Arcanist class that is in Lost Ark?

The Arcanist is a higher-level class within Lost Ark Gold Lost Ark under the Mage class that use the power of the cards to inflict the enemy with damage. It's a subclass for women only in The Mage class. The mechanic of its identity gauge make it the most technically advanced of Mage classes, thanks to its stack-and -ruin gameplay.
Lost Ark Arcanist Identity Mechanic
Similar to the other advanced classes Like most advanced classes, the Arcanist has her own distinctive identity mechanic where each attack is a filler for her identity gauge. It is sometimes referred to as the gauge on deck.
After filling, she'll draw the card in her deck that could be used immediately to create additional effects or be kept for future use. There is a limit of two cards that can be kept at any one time. Pressing the Z or the X key to release the left or the right card, respectively, will allow the cards to be used and allow their buffs or effects.
As we have mentioned earlier The Lost Ark best place to buy Lost Ark Gold Arcanist uses cards to create a range of devastating consequences on their adversaries. Certain cards be beneficial to the team, while also affecting their opponents, but the most powerful effects are usually determined through chance.
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