After having one of the most memorable wideout seasons in NFL history

"Go Hawks!" is no more. It's replaced by the famously sloganeering Wilson has created "Let's Ride" for his new fans and his teammates in Denver. Though Wilson's presence at the locker room has been described as maybe being a bit annoying in the past the fans are awed by a winner and Mut 23 coins Wilson could bring his winning legacy and new jersey colors to the Madden cover, possibly to make it seem like the game has been given a makeover much like his own.
After having one of the most memorable wideout seasons in NFL history, Ja'Marr C. has two traits EA likes to build around for its Madden cover art: a high-upside athlete and a player who's yet to attained their figurative peak. As amazing as Chase was in the last year, his 2022 season could be even stronger as Cincy's revamped offensive line should give Chase time to work on exciting plays alongside his young QB.
It's hard to overstate the sheer power Josh Allen was in his final game in 2021. Allen was nearly perfect to beat Patrick Mahomes in an overtime game where many fans cried at the rule of law for failing to offer Allen an opportunity to take a shot to the Chiefs scoring a first-drive touchdown in order to finish this game at OT. Allen is expected to enter 2022 with an eye on the ball and EA may like the idea of marketing the game in this way. "Take it," "Prove yourself." The business loves a catchy slogan, and something like this would suit an Allen-led marketing campaign.
Another possibility EA might consider as a cover star is naturally, one the most popular players of the team that will defend its title this autumn. Aaron Donald has somehow never been on the Madden cover previously despite being the best defensive player in the league for more than a decade now. Are we in the midst of buy mut coins madden 23 a new year? Donald might be considering retiring this offseason. That means the 2022 season may be his last on the field. It will also be his first on the Madden cover.
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