YSmarines Marine Seats With Great Comfort

Good marine seats should be assembled with corrosion-resistant materials. If you can’t go a whole day on the boat without your back aching, it’s probably time to upgrade those marine seats.

Boaters and anglers are prone to back pain because they sit for prolonged periods of time. While many anglers tend to just deal with the pain, it’s important to note that poor posture can lead to chronic back pain. If you’re already suffering from chronic back pain, spend a few extra dollars to get a seat that provides comfort and back support. Updating your ship with some fresh, new seats can be an exciting purchase. While there are many things to consider, knowing style, quality, and comfort factors will get you started in the right direction.

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All marine seats from YSmarines have met ABYC standards making them not only durable but safe for the people sitting in them, widely used on the fast ferry, high-speed passenger ship, cruise ship, catamaran, crew boat, cargo ship, sightseeing boat, traffic boat, pilot launch, yacht and other passenger vessels, with anti-corrosion aluminum structure. The seat can move on the double-sliding rail. The backrest of the seat is angle-adjustable. The armrest can be adjusted and foldable. The height of the seat can be adjusted freely.


1. Ergonomic design;

2. Adjustable backrest and headrest;

3. The seat height may be angle adjusted;

4. Seats can be moved back and forth;

5.Folding / angle-adjustable comfortable seat armrest;

6. The seat can rotate 360 degrees, multi-point positioning;

7.Foot pedal height-adjustable / folding;

8. The column can be vertically lifting.

YSmarines marine seats


1. Chair surface is leather or fabric flame retardant;

2. Back for high-density polyester one-time forming high cold foam spring backfire sponge;

3. For high-density polyester one-time forming high cold foam cushion spring backfire sponge;

4.Seat beams, chair foot, armrest for high strength aluminum alloy 6063 oxides;

5.Rail for high strength aluminum alloy 6061 oxides;

6.Adornment to beams and railhead for PVC plastic resin materials;

7.Rail decoration layering for environmental protection rubber material;


1. The upper part of the seat can be moved back and forth of 120mm, height adjustment 60mm, seat inclination angle range of ±12°;

2.Seat backrest with adjustable angle of 85°-150°, the headrest adjusted up and down 50mm, handrest multi-point positioning control;

3.The seat of pneumatic lifting regulating range 0-150mm;

4. The seat can rotate 360°and locked 4-point positioning control;

5. Seat pedal can rotate 90° and regression, upper and lower position adjusting range of 0-50mm;

6. The seat can bear more than 150FT.LB torsion reached AD grade standard.

YSmarines is a professional marine and offshore equipment manufacturer in China, specializing in providing boat seats for sale with the most competitive prices and good after-sale services.

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