These are the 13 best hair color trends that we can expect to see in 2023 according to the opinions of hairstylists

I will freely admit that it is not hard for other people's viewpoints to sway mine. But when having hair with creamy tones and a high shine is one of the most popular hair trends of this year, how can you possibly blame me for wanting it? It didn't seem likely to me. Both Clariss Rubenstein, a celebrity hairstylist, and Matt Rez, a celebrity hair colorist, are absolute authorities on the most fashionable new hair colors and tones that will be in vogue in 2023. You will find a list of some of the most significant trends in hair color that will emerge in the year 2023 below. These two industry insiders have carefully selected these trends for your perusal. You should get used to the idea that your saves folder on Instagram will quickly fill up. Brown tones ranging from light to medium in intensity, all of which have a subdued undertone and will look good on a wide range of different eye colors and skin tones because of their mellow appearance. The year 2023 will see Gemini become the most popular hair color. Because being unable to decide is the new cool, Bb, you should change your call sign to BFF.

Gemini hair is the name that has been given to the most recent trend in hair coloring that has taken over Pinterest by storm: two-tone dye jobs. Gemini hair has been given the name Gemini hair. Does it have a chilling ring to it? There is no need for you to be concerned about it because you can always experiment with the trend by utilizing some wigs, colorful braiding hair, or extensions that you make on your own. If Jenna Ortega's performance as Wednesday Addams inspired a surge in grunge and goth fashion in your FYP, then you have probably already seen the trickle-down effect in action with a rise in the popularity of jet-black hair colors. For my part, I believe that everyone should experiment with an inky shade at least once in their lifetime; however, you should be prepared to wash all of the moisture out of your hair if you choose to go with an inky color. Because of this, before you go to your appointment, double check that you have a sufficient supply of hydrating deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners. It is very similar to the trend of having brown hair that looks like mushrooms, which will be popular in 2022, but it has a more sandy feel to it (some people might call it mousy, which is cute).

Champagne-blonde hairRez describes this color as a light, vibrant, golden-toned blonde with incredibly subtle rose reflects, and he foresees that it will be extremely popular during the spring and summer of 2023. He also predicts that it will be extremely popular during the spring of 2023. In order to achieve a natural and smudgy look on Cline's hair, he kept the highlights a couple of inches away from her roots. This can be seen if you swipe through the images. In addition to that, this is something that you ought to unequivocally request your stylist to do for you. The trend for this year will be sightly blended and easier to wear, with a soft balayage that, ahem, goes well with lip gloss, side bangs, and a Juicy Couture tracksuit. But don't worry about it; rather than chunky blonde streaks à la 2003, the trend for this year will be sightly blended and easier to wear. The trend for this year will be more muted and easier to pull off all at once.

blonde with a hint of butterscotchMy upcoming hair color change for spring is going to be platinum blonde, and I just now forwarded a link to Mia Goth's platinum blonde hair color to my hairstylist for inspiration. Because I'm a busy woman who doesn't have time to go get my hair done all the damn time, I'm probably going to request the same shadow root as Goth, which has the added benefit of making her blonde tones appear even brighter for spring. The growing popularity of brown as a hair colorDo you wish for your brunette color to appear more multi-dimensional and tantalizingly tantalizing? You can ask your hairstylist to take a more subtle approach to the brownie hair trend by only adding a few golden-brown flecks here and there throughout your hair in order to achieve the look that you are going for. In the year 2023, hair will be various shades of gray. As Julia Fox mentioned not too long ago, getting older absolutely constitutes a fashion statement. Or, if you bleached your hair to recreate the gray effect, incorporate a bond-repair treatment once every two weeks to strengthen your hair (hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein is a firm believer in the Monat Damage Repair Bond-Building Treatment, whereas I am a full convert to the Living Proof Triple Bond Complex).

If you bleached your hair to recreate the gray effect, your hair will become weaker as a result of the bleaching process. This treatment will help strengthen your hair even if you bleached it to achieve a faux-gray look. No matter what you're doing, Megan Thee Stallion's hair color looks absolutely stunning. It doesn't matter if you're actually walking on a red carpet or if you're just making the hot bar at Whole Foods into your own personal one; the color of Megan's hair is absolutely stunning. By the way, if you are nervous about the amount of upkeep that is required, it is a great idea to experiment with this trend by wearing a wig instead. According to Rubenstein, vibrant and deeply saturated hair colors are going to be a major trend in the year 2023. This is a positive development because of the trend. Not only is it lighter than the trend from the year before, but it also has a peachy undertone that prevents it from going too far into the territory of a true orange color.


This is because the trend from the year before was darker


- It is important to keep in mind, however, that pink, orange, and red tones will lose their color the quickest

- If you want your shade to remain for a longer period of time, you should think about replacing your regular conditioner with one that deposits color instead

- The cherry-cola hair trend is currently popular

- If you aren't completely ready to commit to having full-blown red hair but have been inspired by every redhead in Hollywood (hi, Kendall Jenner and Zoey Deutch), you should give this warm-toned brown shade a shot

- You could go for an all-over auburn glaze for a more monochromatic appearance, or you could try incorporating warm-toned highlights throughout for a more understated ode to the trend

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